Dr. Urman in Los Angeles Times Regarding Unhealthy Sweets

  • Posted on: Jun 13 2010
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While too much sugar and refined carbohydrates “has been linked to increased levels of bad … cholesterol [specifically LDL and triglycerides] and a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease,” Dr. Mark Urman, Medical Director of the Heart Center at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute says that “sugar-free foods have a potentially more serious downside.” According to the American Heart Association (AHA), “studies show that people who consume large amounts of sugar tend to eat diets low in calcium, fiber, and certain vitamins and minerals.”
 “Sweet snacks usually are loaded with refined carbohydrates that remain even if the sugar has been removed … Switching to sugar-free versions of foods does little to remedy such poor dietary choices, says Urman, who is also a board member of the Los Angeles Division of the AHA.”

Click here to read the LA Times article featuring Dr. Urman.

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