Advantages Of Holter Monitor

A holter monitor is a small device that records your heart rhythm rate. It serves the same function as an ECG, but helps in continuous monitoring of the heart rate, unlike the former. Holter monitoring is suggested by doctors when they need to examine their patient’s heart condition over a couple of days. The portable device is stuck to the patient’s chest, close to the heart. A holter monitor has wires connecting to sensors, which continuously record your heart beat. Holter monitoring is usually recommended by doctors after the patient’s physical examination and checking his/her heart rate through ECG.
 How does holter monitoring help?

  • The biggest advantage of a holter monitor is that it is a portable, wearable device. It can be worn by patients for the specified amount of time while continuing with their routine activities.
  • The device records the patient’s heart’s rhythm and helps doctors in determining whether the patient’s heart condition is normal or not.
  • Holter monitoring is much accurate in detecting any irregularities in the heart’s rhythm as it is connected to the heart for a much longer time than an ECG. So the observations of a holter monitor are considered more reliable by doctors as compared to ECG.
  • A holter monitor also helps determine the level of physical exercise or strenuous tasks that the body can perform comfortably.

There are no major risks associated with wearing a holter monitor. You will have to make a note of the activities you perform while wearing the device. However, care should be taken to keep the device dry. Also it should be kept away from other electric devices like microwaves, metal detectors and even magnets as they can create interference with the holter monitor’s electrodes.
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