Enhanced Access Membership Program (EAMP Concierge Services)

Make the right choice for the most important partner for you and your health. Help ensure an established relationship with a doctor that knows you personally and has connections to the best specialists available. Having an experienced, caring, and accessible cardiologist is an invaluable asset when one has known underlying health issues, cardiac risk factors, or if unexpected health challenges arise.

Partner With Your Cardiologist to Create and Maintain Health

The Patient-Physician Relationship is The True Core of Great Medical Care

Medical care is best practiced by having enough time to listen to patients and truly understand their particular health needs. The health care environment has changed drastically since last century and as we saw from the recent pandemic, changes march on with uncertainty for patients and physicians alike. Yet one thing is certain – Drs. Caren, Nayeri and Urman remain dedicated to providing our patients with personalized, comprehensive, and world-class cardiac care. Over a decade ago, drastic changes in payment policies by Medicare and insurance companies had forced us to change our practice model to meet the needs of our patients during challenging times for medical care. Our EAMP has turned out to be quite popular for our patients to help maximize their experience with our office and physicians, allowing high-quality accessibility and personalized service.

“The first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Consider Concierge-type Care with one of Our Cardiologists?

Heart disease remains the top killer in America for men and women. Early detection and prevention remain critical in preventing disability or premature death from cardiovascular disease. Patient access to appropriate medical care and a favored physician of choice is becoming more challenging and health coverage presents more and more bureaucratic hoops to jump through. The advances in treating and preventing cardiac disease in the last several decades are remarkable but the ability to partner with a top-tier heart specialist to make sure your personal cardiac condition is optimized in a timely manner has become near impossible with the current health-care climate.

And it will only continue to get worse. To battle rising health care costs, physicians are compelled to comply with standards set by a managed care system and governmental agencies which may not translate into what is best for your health. “Standardized” mediocrity has replaced excellence as the norm. Healthcare reform and “managed” care in particular is infringing even more upon an individual’s access to truly personal care. Did you know that the majority of cardiologists in this country are now employed by hospitals or health “systems”? This trend will continue limiting the number of cardiologists available to provide truly superior personalized and attentive care. Individual pride, hard work, accountability, and devotion to duty have continued to slide among physicians as they continue to “burn out.”

Unfortunately, the old-style of medical care where a patient has a personal cardiologist caring for them is giving way to care by “corporate” cardioloigsts. For most Americans, this inexorable change is the death of optimal personalized medical care as we knew it. While standardized protocols for medical care have a role and can help improve healthcare quality and cost to society as a whole, defining optimal clinical outcomes for an individual is in the eye of the beholder. In the end, the best way to assess and treat a patient should be determined by the patient’s doctor, whom they trust, with that individual patient’s input and best interests as the sole priority.

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats
the patient who has the disease.”
– Sir William Osler

For those with heart disease or whom are at high risk of cardiac problems, having a cardiologist who really knows you, understands your health issues, and cares about meeting your every healthcare need is priceless. So is having a cardiologist whom is a trusted advisor, and is a trusted liason between you and the complex medical world. A cardiologist who gives you the depth of medical attention and medical responsiveness that you always wanted but otherwise could not find.

Our EAMP program might might be considered concierge medicine but we consider it good old-fashioned medicine, where we truly get to know our patients and how they approach trying to stay healthy.

General Overview of EAMP

  • Personalized concierge services not covered by private insurance or Medicare.
  • Several annual membership options to choose from (Basic, Select, Premier and Concierge Plans with CORVitae Elite options). Patients choose what works best for them to achieve a personalized healthcare experience specifically tailored to their needs.
  • Increasing levels of priority and enhanced access for routine appointments and testing
  • Increased phone and email access to our staff and doctors on routine matters
  • Priority completion of administrative paper-work with fees waived
  • MedJetAssist critical care air rescue and evacuation coverage (included for all eligible Concierge levels and Premier CORVitae Elite members)
  • Discount on upgrade to Global MedAssist Program coverage (for Concierge level members – critical care air rescue and evacuation anywhere in the world with the backing and coordination of your cardiologist and the Cleveland Clinic)
  • Discounts on Sollis Health memberships (higher level EAMP plans get larger discounts)
  • COR Vitae upgrade options for patients who wish to count on our cardiologists to also act as an advocate for them on non-cardiac medical issues
  • Validated parking (Premier and Concierge members) and convenient VIP parking (Concierge members) for office visits.

Personalized, Highly Tailored Care That You and Your Doctor Aspire To

Drs. Caren, Nayeri and Urman believe that patients should be fully empowered and appointments should reflect a consultative, two-way relationship. While our cardiologists help ensure this by sharing information completely and building a partnership with their patients, our EAMP helps take this partnership to a higher level. They believe each patient is unique and therefore requires a specific care plan tailored to their individual needs. They understand that the most effective preventive strategy in reducing the risk of heart disease is an integrative approach. This includes all the best in conventional medical care (including prescription medication and procedures as indicated), combined with maximizing the impact from natural strategies such as healthy lifestyle (including exercise and diet). Drs. Caren, Nayeri and Urman use the latest innovations in heart care to treat their patients but emphasize a heart-healthy lifestyle. Having enhanced access to the expertise of our cardiologists can allow a higher level of personalized cardiac health, reassurance, guidance and comfort.

If you are interested in our EAMP, please contact our Patient Services Coordinator Mickey Tescum at 310.659.0714 for more information.

“It’s far more important to know what person has the disease than what disease the person has.“ – attributed to Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine.

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